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Sunday, May 31, 2015

CONQUERING RISK by Elihu Feustel, Book Review ozzie2005

Hi Friends..

For those of you who love this long term and it's a hobby like it is for me, learning from the pros is not only profitable long term but enjoyable.

Let me say this, before you even decide that this is what you would like to do for a hobby or activity or even long term investing this is a MUST READ.

Before you pay for a play, this must be part of your knowledge base.

Elihu is not only one of the smartest gamblers you'll ever see anywhere but all you read here is things he put into practice.

Yes it has math and advanced concepts but in the end the message will get to anyone even if they are gut shoot from the hip bettors.

Believe me I don't buy many things in life that have to do with this industry but this is a book I carry on my cell phone, it is that important for long term good decision making.

After reading this book you will be able to determine a persons betting IQ just in the first conversation you have with them and the wagers they propose and why they propose them.
You will also be guided thru the maze of misinformation some establishments give you as "guidelines or tips" that have no factor in the odds against you.

You need the best weapons at your disposal, remember casinos don't look beautiful because people win, they look great because people mostly loose. Get this one under the shelf asap.

On a Scale from 1 to 10 I give it a 9.5, the only constructive criticism I can make of the book is that it could have done a better job of explaining some things (very few) in a simpler language that everyone can easily understand. But for the most part its a very informative and enjoyable read.

The investment in this book will pay for itself withing the first month and over the years you do this many times over.



  1. If you could spell or at least take the time to use spell check your comments would be taken much more seriously (at least by me)

    1. Thanks for the input Randy! The spell check is clearly my mistatke, but as far as taken seriously.. I'm one heck of a capper and all my picks are free, google me and you will see how many of my peers taking me seriously, but most important to me is when regular people make a little extra money. Thanks for your constructive comment. I hope you keep on reading, thank you for reading my blog.