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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Well lets talk about this thing that we love to do... handicapping and watching our favorite games.

For us it's not only the love of the games but the prediction of the outcome. In most cases any money you decide to wager is just an added reward for the hard work you put into the research of any particular sporting event.

Now let's get the hard realities out of the way... 95% of people who bet sports loose. This includes most of you reading this... but don't worry that also includes pretty much every taught, capper, predictor and every other hocus pokus guy out there that tell you.. that you are investing at the same time they want you to buy every single pick they sell causing you to bet too much and giving the house even more of an advantage over you.

If it's not Billy Walters of that time of individual.. they are the same as you and me. If they won at the rates they claim they would have no need to sell you "Information" aka picks.

Now with that said there are some honest guys in the industry... very few as most places are just online boiler rooms. But if you are going to follow anyone.. make sure they back up their opinions with cash, meaning... you need to see pictures of tickets. If a man does not back up his opinions with cash.. his opinion is no more valid than a coin flip.

Remember most of us fall under the recreational handicapper umbrella.. meaning this is entertainment for you... instead of paying 50 dollars at the movies you put a little something on the game you are going to enjoy.

In the recreational handicapper arena we have the degenerates that have to have constant action... aka me, you and every other person that loves capping every game on the board when we are sitting in Las Vegas or where ever you can exercise your right to wager legally. However if you do not have a plan of action to play more than 1 game a week that could prove very costly.

So what do you do?

Here are some rules of thumb... or for you degenerates commandments.

First, Don't make a bet you cant loose 100 times in a row.. that's right.. if that means 1 dollar then it's one dollar fool. If you are handicapping games on your own this is specially true. Because you want to enjoy the season of your sport and if a game goes the wrong way be upset because you had the right side but some unexpected event happened to mess up your play and love your loss. Because if you are mad about the money... you bet too much and that is a recipe for an early exit from your season. And remember this is entertainment.. if you are doing this to get rich over time, do me a favor.. just write me the biggest check you can and give it to me, The Casinos are already rich, scratch me off some since you are going to burn it anyway.

Standard action should be 1% or 1 dollar out of every 100, you heard me degenerate.. 3 percent when you know the kicker broke his leg on a football team. If you think you are more than 55% sure you'll will.. you'll probably loose. -150 or better on the Vig or don't Play.

In my next blog I'll discuss what to research!

If you want my breakdown sheets you can purchase below. PS your action needs to be more than 15 dollars to make sense lol.


This is not a gambling site nor does it accept or place bets, please follow all applicable laws in your country or state when it comes to gambling.

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