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Thursday, June 4, 2015


Well, the time has come: the final battle begins between two of the most annoying NBA superstars, LeBron "Receding Hairline, plug-wearing, non-clutch" James and Stephen Curry, aka Mr. Fragile (a guy so squeaky clean that it annoys the crap out of me... that being said, he has a cute kid who steals the post game spotlight every time and is really the only reason to sit through his damn mumbling...).

But I will try to keep my overall animosity against LeBron (AKA I can't do it alone AKA CHOKE under pressure!) and Curry on check. Even though they're no Kobe Bryant...KOBE!

You've probably heard every single angle of this game by everyone out there, let me give you my breakdown based on 100% Haterade so you know I'm impartial.

The value in this particular game is all in the facts. This is the type of game that gets over analyzed because of so much media attention. Don't get caught up in the BS. These teams met once... sure, we had different players but what can we deduce from the style of play?

02/26/15 CLE 110 - GS 99 Line CLE -3 O/U 216.5

One thing that has made an impression on me is how many times I've heard the Warriors are like the 4th best team in history... with NO RINGS... NO RINGS! One more time...NO FKN RINGS! Locker room motivation for Cleveland, which is the key to the play.

The one thing hairline growing LeBron has over MaMa's Boy curry is experience, he has felt the pressure and choked and had others bail him out.. but still he's been here before and that experience factor will serve him well to lead the team; he also knows what it is to face the Splush Bros while taking over the game. And I think till this point the Warriors have not really felt the pressure.

I think based of the fact that Lebron has made it very clear that he will take over this team as their leader (and you know he's burning up he didn't get the MVP), I say they'll slow the game down like they did in the second half of their first meeting.

Golden State's stats are impressive.. but those stats don't reflect the magnitude of this game.

Our Value here starts from the beginning .. the Jitters will slow scoring in the first half along with the fact I think Cleveland will out rebound Golden State at lease in the first half.

Current line is at 203 for over under with the half at 102.5.

I will take the under 102.5 or better if I can at half time for a standard wager.

Cheers! That's my play!


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