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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


If we look back at history clearly Argentina has dominated this series.

they have met a total of 12 times in Copa America with 7 victories for Argentina , 3 ties and just 2 victories for the Colombian team.

But ever since that 5-0 beat down they received at the hands of the "El Pibe's" led team, match has taken on a rivalry tone.

What can we expect this time around? Well we can safely say that Argentina has under performed up to this point in the tournament. They have more money on the field than most central American countries will spend on public schools and yet did not take care of business in the manner you would expect with a 2-2 tie with Paraguay. There is pressure on this squad, they have no continuity at head coach and under Messi they still have to win an important title.

Colombia is coming in as a best 3rd product of one win one loss and a tie. Far below you would expect from a potent offense that include James Rodriguez, Falcao & Jackson Martinez.

Argentina, this version of the Argentina anyways seems to flourish under pressure. If they don't feel it they don't perform and beating this team will be no easy task. But after getting punched in the mouth by Paraguay in the first half they have blanked out their opponents.

Colombia on the other hand lost against Peru and has mustered very little in offense they have only scored one goal, and this I think will be their down fall. The team isn't jelling and in front they are facing some real titans.

Pick is for ARGENTINA -113

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