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Saturday, June 6, 2015


Well guys,

It's game 2 and the my arch enemy LeBron James is up against the wall... my sadness above all things is that he won't loose this championship because he chokes it away, he just doesn't have the team.. with that said we can still find some value.

If anything he's going to play with the least amount of pressure because no one expects him to win this series with the amount of injured bodies splattered all over the court.

So, he has no help and he's probably not going to win another series... so once again LeBron.. I say this... Kobe!

Now with that said I will never let my personal views on any play get in the way of hitting a play..

I see value again in the first half Right now the half time line is
Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors - Game 2
Cleveland Cavaliers 1st Half +5 -115 SHOP IT!! I would wait till game time for the best line.

I'll take the Cav's plus the points in the first half. What ever those points might be, LeBron knows it's all on him now, and if the Cav's have anything left, they have to give it their all now! And remember hair plugged LeBron only chokes in the second half. I expect the Cave to be close at the half, if they are not... some of the new plugs LeBron has will surely fall out.

If during the game I see a run of the warriors and at any point I get a plus +15.5 or better on the Cavs or better I'm pulling the trigger for a 20 to 25% of standard depending on how good the number is.

Again guys, if you didn't make your numbers during the season, don't chase this is just a standard wager . There are so many more opportunities coming up that to go all in at this point will make no sense guys.


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